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Monolith Growth Consulting is a digital marketing agency and digital products company on a mission to create a positive impact by growing the revenue and ROI of underserved small & medium businesses. By helping these SMEs, we indirectly contribute to SME job & income growth in a scaled way.

We're hiring a Expert Growth Manager to lead skills development & marketing systems development for our Growth Managers (media buying, media planning, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and copywriting) with the objective of improving the revenue and ROI of their assigned portfolio of clients. We have a defined skills matrix for your Growth Managers which charts out progress from "needs direction, needs editing, can execute independently, and can bring new innovation" that you will be responsible for nurturing.

You don't have to be an expert in on virtually every channel, but we do expect you to be a T-shaped marketer: an expert in one channel, with good working knowledge on other channels. Example is that you might have 2+ years of experience & results in Facebook Advertising, with good basic knowledge for Google Ads, Copywriting, and others. We can help fill your gaps by collaborating with complementary Expert Growth Managers within the organization. 

In terms of Monolith's general capabilities, plenty of us in the organization are strong in media buying, media planning, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization. If you have experience in SEO, data analytics (SQL, BigQuery), and Advanced Google Tag Manager (using Javascript), that's going to be a plus in your application.

This role reports to the CEO. 

Responsibilities (for your non-core expertise, there is training):

If there is a good analogy to define this managerial role, it would be what Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) calls the Chief Editor. You'll be the Chief Editor of your assigned team.

• Approve, edit, and improve the outputs of our Growth Managers across Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Landing Pages, and Email Sequences.
• Approve, edit, and improve the media plans & promotion plans across Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and Perfect Audience.
• Approve, edit, and improve the audience targeting & keyword targeting for Facebook/Instagram Ads & Google Ads, respectively.
• Work with the Growth Manager to improve their skills using our internal Skills Matrix. You will help Growth Managers improve from 1) "needs direction", to 2) "needs editing", to 3) "can execute independently", and 4) "can bring new innovation". 
• Develop and lead internal systems and trainings as needed to accelerate skills development.
• Partner with other Expert Growth Managers to get knowledge & systems for your non-core skillset.
• Consult the Account Manager on their strategies to better improve the results of the marketing campaigns.
• Collaborate with the Design and Development teams as needed to bring your ideas & experiments to reality.

Note: To enable a smooth ramp up into the Monolith organization, we have a pre-existing 6 week internal course that will help the New Growth Manager get acquainted with our internal processes, capabilities, and systems.

Who you are (how you'll know if you're a fit for this role):

• You see yourself as more of a "your skillset & contribution is your net worth" type of person instead of a "your network is your net worth" type of person. 
• Empathetic and relationship-oriented, and genuinely passionate about helping others succeed by sharing your skills.
• You view yourself as a practical person than a theoretical person.
• You're detail-oriented and organized, and you appreciate systems where there is workload management, strict client prioritization, and processes.

Your background:

• Bachelor's Degree
• 2+ years of work experience, either in Facebook Ads implementation, Google Ads implementation, Email Marketing, or Conversion Rate Optimization. Social media posting is not counted.
• (Optional, but a plus): Advanced Data Analytics (SQL, BigQuery), SEO, and Advanced Google Tag Manager (using Javascript) experience
• (Optional, but a plus): You've trained people before, whether in a formal or informal capacity

Cool stuff you'll get:

• Work with driven, hard-working people
• HMO benefits for yourself and two dependents
• Training allowance for various external courses & certifications
• Mentorship allowance for external consultants
• Paid leaves
• Work in a fast-growing yet stable digital marketing agency with high client retention rate
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